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Awakenings (Projected Triptych)
Awakenings (Projected Triptych)
Directed & Edited by Thom Humphreys
Director of Photography : Guy Natanel
Grip / Gaffa : Egill Björnsson
Sitters : Josh Smith / Nick Travis / Henry Moffett / Bethan Lloyd

A triptych installation displaying the staged awakening of my three housemates. At the time of production (2010) we had recently moved into a semi-derelict warehouse space; finding ourselves at a juncture where our own metaphorical awakening, from the slumbers of kidulthood to the harrows of adulthood, was correlated with the physical transformations in our home.

The layered fluctuation of appearing and disappearing bodies conveys the oneiric transience inherent to sleep. Bodies decay and morph into their translucent counterpart, coming in and out of being. This manipulation of time and corporeal tangibility seeks to explore the material and subconscious duality of sleep.

All sounds were recorded on location.