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Baxter Dury | Happy Soup
Baxter Dury | Happy Soup
Directed, Produced, Shot & Edited by Thom Humphreys & JP Blunt
Misanthropic Badger : Henry Moffett
Label : EMI / Parlophone

Winner of the Happy Soup music video competition organised by Baxter and the label. The brief was to solely draw inspiration from the lyrics and come up with a video from idea to end product within a two week timeframe. With no budget the location was critical, so much so that we drove 4 hours each way for the desired seaside resort, situated in Weston-super-Mare on the west coast of England. Due to the necessary outdoor light needed (dusk) the majority of the video ended up being shot in the final hours before the resort closed. The cyclical constructions of unfulfilled fun inherent to fairgrounds were a perfect backdrop to the Badger's ultimately destructive journey.

Baxter Dury: 'Dark but still humorous...beautifully shot and directed.'

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