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Mt. Wolf | Hypolight
Mt. Wolf | Hypolight
Directors & Editors : Thom Humphreys & Jean-Philippe Blunt
Director of Photography : Rina Yang
AC : Marcell Kiss
Production Assistant : Georgina Ower
Stylist : Samuel John Weeks
Hair : Tomoyuki
Make Up : Ruth Brophy

Prior to shooting, vocalist Kate Sproule commented on the 'undercurrent of weariness' pervading the song; a search for 'some quiet amongst turmoil and letting go.' Our exploration on floating, on escaping the urban surrounds, touches on this theme, whilst also attempting to unite two seemingly disparate elements: the ethereal and the terrestrial.

The graphic stencil provided a space for formal interplay between these two elements. A spatial and textural intermediate between light and surface, high end digital and analog VHS.

Featured on Noisey & PromoNews

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