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Mt. Wolf | Midnight Shallows
Mt. Wolf | Midnight Shallows
Directors/Editors: Jean-Philippe Blunt & Thom Humphreys
DOP: Rina Yang
Head of music: Natalie Arnett @ JJ Stereo
Producer: Oliver Samuel @JJ Stereo
Manager: Keith Wozencroft @Third Rock Music
Female Dancer: Lily Grundy @The Royal Ballet
Male Dancer: Conal Francis-Martin @The Royal Ballet
Antique Camera: Sebastian Sussmann @Double Negative Darkroom
Bird Handler: Nigel King
Production Designer: Sean Leishman
Colourist/Online Editor: Toby Tomkins
Post Production Consultancy: Paul Gardner @JJ Stereo
Online Conform: Sam White & Joe Lovelock @The Whealhouse
Focus Puller: Karl Hui
Clapper-loader: Brendan Harvey
DIT: Joe Lovelock
Grip: James Roberts
Pre-light Gaffer: Rob White
Gaffer: Steve Garay
Bestboy: Elliot Beach
Sparks: Poom Saiyavath, Maikel Popic, Joel Judah Honeywell, Eduardo Dominicci
Runners: Ugne Ciesiunate, Declan Slattery, Saad Abbas, Hayley Dunn

Modernity and the birth of the photograph catalysed a revolution in our perception of time and motion.

Inspired by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey, yet moving with the times into the digital era, we continue this dialogue between motion and capture.

By using the rigorous filmic process of 'step-and-repeat printing' as our foundation, we have digitally multiplied, delayed, freeze-framed and overlaid our shots. This layering up, in some cases, resulted in 50 video tracks.

Compositing allowed for a more controlled and sculptural study of movement. Although a digital workflow the technique was incredibly tactile, much like the early days of celluloid. No images were computer-generated and certain sequences include up to 1,498 shots.

The multiplicity of the visuals generated by this chronophotographic approach evoked certain parallels with wider natural phenomena. The archive sections were a way of exploring these aesthetic semblances.

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Clash Music
Planet Notion

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